Mormon Church FINALLY Admits Joseph Smith had A 14-Year Old Wife


Is it not interesting (for the lack of a better word) that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just now admitted that Joseph Smith married a 14-year-old girl? What does it say to the world and to clueless LDS members when non-Mormons have put out the research on this information decades before the Mormon Church finally admits to it? Mormons need to admit that non-Mormons and Christians have known this for a long time. Many Mormons chose not to believe it, calling it “ant-Mormon propaganda.” However, the non-Mormon research was correct on this subject after all! Since it was correct on this subject, just imagine all the other facets of Mormonism that that literature contains that are true and revealing!

Look up the article “Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo” on under Teachings and under the Gospel Topics heading. This was posted last Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Read the article.

Next, check out the chart below to see all of Joseph Smith’s wives. He married teenagers, widows, women who were currently married to other men at the time he married them (11 OF THEM WERE), and he married girls who were sisters and even a mother and daughter!

Joseph and His Many Wives

(Chart created by “Mormon Infographics.”)

Next, read the chart below, provided again by “Mormon Infographics.” These are the descriptions of how Mormons can respond to the news of Joseph Smith taking young child brides.

Mormons may be troubled by this news. What would be even more devastating to me was if I was a Mormon was finding out by my own church years and years after Christians and non-Mormons already knew this information! What betrayal! The Mormon Church is acting as if this is new news to the world. While modest members say they do not want to read “anti-Mormon” literature and website information, the real “anti-Mormon” literature is Mormon literature. Why? Because it does not take non-Mormon anti-Mormon literature to destroy Mormonism. It only takes writings, teachings, and knowledge from within the LDS Church to make one realize that the LDS Church is not true.

For example, the Bible agrees AND disagrees with the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon can agree with and disagree with the Doctrine and Covenants. The Doctrine and Covenants can agree and disagree with the Bible. The Pearl of Great Price  agrees and disagrees with the Doctrine and Covenants and the Book of Mormon.

Within the past 2 years, the LDS Church has put out “official” articles on, putting their own spin to the story on certain controversial topics such as: Race and the Priesthood, the Book of Abraham Translation, Polygamy, and DNA Evidence and the Book of Mormon. It is obvious that the Mormon Church knows it is in trouble and is trying to come to terms with the problems.

If there was one issue, then there could be a little stirring within the LDS Church.

Since there are DOZENS of issues and problems with Mormonism, including several official articles posted by the LDS Church, something is stirring from within. If I was a Mormon and I knew better, I would pay attention to my Church and what they are saying.

What does it say when your own organization tells you all of this information decades after the information is out there, given by non-Mormons?

Here is what this situation can compare to in a sense. Say you are a guy and your wife cheated on you and you didn’t know it. Years go by. From the start, a man comes to you who begs you to believe that he had an affair with your wife. “She is lying to you, you have to believe what I am telling you! You can’t trust her!” He tries telling you. You trust your wife and she says, “Don’t lose your testimony of our love and don’t listen to that ‘anti-Me’ stuff out there. If you lose your testimony in our love, then you are doubting us.” So, out of your deep connection with your wife and because of the years of being with her, you naturally want to trust her. But this guy who slept with your wife insists again and again that your wife was not faithful to you. You start to hate the guy because he may come off wrong and is badgering you; he could even be telling you the truth but is going about it in the wrong way. Finally, your wife makes it known to you that she had an affair with this guy a long time ago. You believe her side of the story because that’s what you are used to. She sugarcoats it, but makes her story look good so that you can still believe in her and what she says.

If the foundation is cracked, would you not want to trust the guy in what he was saying?

In this story, the guy whose wife cheated on him was the Mormon. The wife was the Mormon Church. The guy who came forward with the information represents Christians who are concerned for Mormons.

Mormons, will you please take the challenge to look at your history through the un-fogged lens of history, rather than an LDS Church-produced book?

If you Google search “Joseph Smith” or “Mormon Church”… notice how websites pop up down the list that are positive in the LDS Church’s favor. The LDS Church and its large financial corporation has paid quite a bit to have that information there when you type things in about their church into the Google search. You won’t see sites that pop up first that talk about the LDS Church being a cult or things that ex-members talk about, because the LDS Church controls the web with those searches.

Either way, the truth is out there and you can find good and true research. Check it out sometime! Go to! Check out!

Mormons, here is the real question to you: When you realize that the Mormon Church is wrong and that Joseph Smith was a false prophet, will you still cling to Jesus Christ?

Please do, because instead of singing a hymn about Joseph Smith called “Praise to the Man,” you should be singing a hymn called “How Great Thou Art” about Jesus Christ!


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