Mormon Manti Pageant Outreach 2015: Praise Report #1

The Manti Pageant this year went from June 18-20, and June 23-27th. I attended June 18-20th, the first phase of the Manti pageant with my grandpa Ben. There were a few hundred Christians there on every single night that the Mormon pageant was going on, and the fellowship time was amazing! I met Christians from California, Utah, Arizona, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Florida, and so forth! The amazing thing was that denominational status never got brought up, because when you’re in certain counties in Utah, such as Sanpete County, there are more Christians (per capita) in many Muslim countries than there are in these counties in Utah. In other words, the Christians there weren’t divided by denomination, nor did denominations even matter. When you’re dealing with reaching members of another religion, Christians will unite and drop any denominational walls that may be built up through men’s traditions over the years, which was amazing to see!


(My grandfather Ben and I at a Salt Lake Bees game)

I made so many friends and connections, and the Lord God opened up so many doors! Praise God! I met up with former LDS Bishop Lee Baker, and witnessed to a few young Mormons about the points he brought up, as several LDS youth had never heard of the racist teachings and scriptures the LDS Church has. I led a young LDS girl to the Lord on the first night of the pageant, praise God and glory be unto Him!



(Lee Baker preaching about errors in the Book of Mormon from the Book of Mormon)


(Bishop Lee discussing racism in the Book of Mormon with LDS youth at the pageant)


(Lee and I having fun at the Pageant!!)


(Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries presenting the “Impossible Gospel of Mormonism” training session at Ephraim Church of the Bible)

Ephraim Church of the Bible is the only Christian church in Sanpete County, Utah, and is a lighthouse to central Utah. Seeing the passion and joy the Christian brothers and sisters here have for the Lord was unbelievably amazing! Seeing brothers and sisters raise their hands up to the Lord during worship is always incredible and humbling! The Spirit of the Lord was moving there very much!


(Me in front of Ephraim Church of the Bible sign)


(Praise and worship at Ephraim Church of the Bible)
There were so many Christian ministries involved with reaching out to the Mormon community, and Tri-Grace Ministries was there as well! The report came in the morning of June 19th that 6 Mormons had given their lives to the Lord the night before, and that was something to be thankful for! Over the next week of the pageant, through the Tri-Grace ministries newsletter, there were over 20 Mormons who became saved and gave their lives to the Lord! Wow! Praise God, the Lord is moving! The Christians would stand by the large tree off to the side of the road near the pageant at 6pm every evening to pray and intercede for the night, as well as worship the Lord in the street. (see picture below)



(Chip Thompson on left–of Tri-Grace Ministires–praying with other Christians)


It was amazing how many young LDS people were so curious about what we were doing there; it wasn’t that they were naïve about what was going on, but they began to see the misrepresentations and hidden facts tucked away by their own LDS Church that they had never heard of before. The shock and disbelief on their faces was saddening, and yes, I’ve been there myself. The Christians (except for one or two who kept shouting around) witnessed with gentleness and respect, and the Mormons that came to listen really had a problem with their own scriptures once they learned what they really meant. And no, this wasn’t the wrongful labeling of “anti-Mormon” literature being handed out or “anti-Mormon” lies being passed forward, it was simply materials that were published through the LDS Church. Using Mormon scriptures to debunk Mormonism is used very much so in the Christian circles, because you have to use what the LDS people respect, and if you can show loopholes and problems, then they can see the falsehoods of Mormonism become transparent. See “The Christian Companion to the Triple Combination: A Guide to using Mormon Scriptures for Witnessing to Latter-day Saints,” a reference work compiled by Colleen Ralson.

Praise God for What He did during the pageant, for the LDS youth themselves are worth preaching the truth to and declaring the Word of the Lord.

Why? Because a changed life changes lives.

This is the power of multiplication!


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