Mormon Manti Pageant Outreach 2015: Praise Report #2

For the remaining part of the Manti Pageant, the next day there was a display of the 34 wives of Joseph Smith (see Mormonism Research Ministry’s link for more details about this: 34 Christian women each portrayed a wife of Joseph Smith with a placard around their neck letting the curious crowd members know their name, their age when Joseph Smith married them, and the name of their current living husband when Joseph Smith married them. This blew the minds of several LDS youth who walked by and didn’t even know that their founding prophet had more wives than just Emma, his first wife. Many were in shock and did not believe the display, calling it “anti-Mormon.” Well, there goes that pejorative term again. Let it be known that the LDS Church has admitted to Joseph Smith having up to 40 wives in one of its official Gospel Topics article entitled “Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo.”



Above is Pastor Jeff preaching to the Mormon crowd from the Bible.


Above: Logan and I. Logan is the head of praise and worship at Ephraim Church of the Bible, and the girl on the right grew up Mormon, but she left the Church when she found out it was false and has been learning about the true Jesus Christ.


Above: This is Savana, who was a Mormon her whole life up until a few years ago, and she is a new born-again Christian. She shared her story with me for a few hours and she told a remarkable testimony about how burdensome the LDS temple works were for her and how much freedom she has in Christ now because of His grace!


Above: Christian friends I met from Ephraim Church of the Bible.


Above: Shane and Laurel from Liberty, Missouri. This family was SO amazing and blessed me considerably! They do a lot of missions work to Mormon missionaries in Missouri, especially around the early Mormon historic sites near Independence, Liberty Jail, and around Gallatin, Missouri. The two of them and their 5 children drive out to Manti each summer to reach Mormons for Jesus and they have had much success!


Above: This is my friend James. He lives in Utah and is a passionate Christian who loves reaching Mormons with the love of Christ. His joy was pretty darn contagious, and it was awesome having a new brother in the Lord!


Above: Michael and Lynn Wilder spoke at Southeast Christian Church in Salt Lake City and we got to hear them give their testimony of how they came out of Mormonism. The band Adam’s Road is in the background and we heard them perform and do a praise and worship concert!


Above: North Gate at Temple Square. This is where I did a lot of missions work during the latter part of the trip. That Thursday night, we led a man to the Lord named Jason, who was a former heroin user and was baptized into the LDS Church when he was 8. His parents shunned him out of the Mormon Church and he was denied food and clothing from the local Bishop’s Storehouse, and he found a Christian homeless shelter called Rescue Mission where they have been taking care of him. We gave him money and blessed him with many hugs! I got a chance to talk to him for hours, and he gave his life to the Lord!

Also, I was able to talk to a sister missionary from the Czech Republic at Temple Square about the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible and problems in the JST Luke 10:22 verse where it says that the Son is the Father and the Father is the Son, which is contrary to biblical Christianity and even contrary to what Mormonism teaches! I witnessed to a Temple Square grounds worker who was watering plants, and there was another Temple Square grounds worker who has been in communication with the Thursday night Christian outreach at North Gate of Temple Square who has been listening to what the Christians have been saying and has been having doubts with the LDS Church.

Praise God for that trip and for getting to teach people about the true Jesus Christ!

Romans 10:10 (NIV) says, “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.” We have to spread our faith, because time is short, and the Lord will be returning soon.

As the Church, (an organism made up of believers and not an organization with a specific name tacked onto a building), we need to proclaim Jesus Christ to a dead and dying world, because many, especially in the United States now, have been deceived in these last days. Christ is our anchor and holds us in place when every false doctrine rushes by us with the currents of this world.

May the Lord strengthen you this week, and may Jesus Christ speak to you in the stillness of His voice, and may we return to Him in this hour of need!

We are in the eleventh hour in world history, and we need to follow Jesus Christ and submit to His name while we are on this earth; may the Lord strengthen and guide you!

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