Mormon Apostle Says Vegetables Have Spirits

LDS Apostle Orson Pratt made the following statements in 1853:

“The spirit of a vegetable is in the same image and likeness of its tabernacle, and of the same magnitude, for it fills every part thereof… If the spirit of an apple tree were rendered visible when separated from its natural tabernacle, it would appear in the form, likeness, and magnitude of the natural apple tree;… When the spiritual vegetable withdraws, the natural one decays and returns to its original elements; but its spirit, being a living substance, remains in its organized form, capable of happiness in its own sphere, and will again inhabit a celestial tabernacle when all things are made newwe are compelled to believe that every vegetable, whether great or small, has a living intelligent spirit capable of feeling, knowing, and rejoicing in its sphere.” (The Seer, pp. 33-34)

Elder Pratt continued, saying,

“When a world is redeemed from its fallen state, and made into a Heaven, all the animal creation are raised from the dead, and become celestial and immortal.  The food of these animals is derived from the vegetables, growing on a celestial soil; consequently, it is not converted into blood, but into spirit which circulates in the veins of these animals; therefore, their offspring will be spiritual bodies, instead of flesh and bones…

…when planted in a celestial soil, each vegetable derives its nourishment therefrom; and the fluid thus derived, circulates in the pores and cells of the vegetable tabernacle, and preserves it from decay and death; this same fluid, thus circulating, forms a spiritual vegetable; this differs from the parent vegetables in Heaven… Thus the spirits of both vegetables and animals are the offspring of male and female parents which have been raised from the dead, or redeemed from a fallen condition, with the world upon which they dwelt.” (Ibid, pp.37-38)

Elder Pratt continues in The Seer, by saying,

“Admitting the eternity of the capacities, then the materials of which our spirits are composed, must have been capable of thinking, moving, willing… before they were organized in the womb of the celestial female… If they were once organized in the vegetable kingdom, and then disorganized by becoming the food of celestial animals, and then reorganized in the form of the spirits of animals which is a higher sphere of being, then, is it unreasonable to suppose that the same particles have, from all eternity, been passing through an endless chain of unions and disunions, organizations and disorganizations, until at length they are permitted to enter into the highest and most exalted sphere of organization in the image and likeness of God? A transmigration of the same particles of spirits from a lower to a higher organization, is demonstrated from the fact that the same particles exist in a diffused scattered state, mingled with other matter; next, they exist in a united form, growing out of the earth in the shape of grass, herbs, and trees; and after this, these vegetables become food for celestial animals, and these same particles are organized into their offspring, and thus form the spirits of animals. Here then, is apparently a transmigration of the same particles of spirit from an inferior to a superior organization, wherein their condition is improved, and their sphere of action enlarged. Who shall set any bounds to this upward tendency of spirit?… who shall say that it will not progress until it shall gain the very summit of perfection… the image of God? (The Seer, pp. 102-103)

According to a Mormon apostle, vegetables are capable of happiness, joy, and feeling and knowing things, there are such thing as spiritual vegetables, and the spirits of vegetables came from its male and female parents in Heaven which have been raised from the dead. Also, he suggests that the spirits of vegetables can be exalted into the highest sphere of organization and made into the likeness of God! Blasphemy! Men and women are the only creatures made in the likeness of God. (Genesis 1:26-27) Also, this Mormon apostle suggests that when vegetables become food for celestial animals, they thus form the spirits of animals. Then, they will gain the “summit of perfection… the image of God.” This is incredibly erroneous. The LDS First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are considered to be prophets. Orson Pratt was a false prophet. Whether this was just his opinion or whether he taught this as doctrine, there is no excuse for it, because when a false doctrine is started (from Joseph Smith), these are the appendages and weird doctrinal offspring that comes from false doctrine, as the philosophical doctrine of hylozoism. This doctrine, which Pratt embraced, was the belief that matter was living.

When someone teaches false doctrine, then more false doctrine comes forth from it that gets weirder and weirder.

The Seer, where these teachings come from, was an official periodical publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Seer ceased after only 18 issues. Many in the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve found some of Apostle Orson Pratt’s teachings to be controversial, and stated the following in Deseret News:

The Seer [and other writings by Pratt] contain doctrines which we cannot sanction, and which we have felt impressed to disown, so that the Saints who now live, and who may live hereafter, may not be misled by our silence, or be left to misinterpret it. Where these objectionable works, or parts of works, are bound in volumes, or otherwise, they should be cut out and destroyed.” (Deseret News, Aug. 23, 1865, p. 373)

If the First Presidency got rid of The Seer, then why did he remain an apostle of the LDS Church until his death in 1881? Why did they let him become the official Church Historian and Recorder from 1874 until his death? If a false apostle and prophet such as Orson Pratt was leading people astray in some ways, why would the LDS Church keep him on board in official positions of authority?

There are serious problems here. Following Joseph Smith’s teachings can twist and turn those into new false teachings, something that the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cannot discern.

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