Coming Soon: President Trump’s Second Term in Office

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President Trump will be reelected this fall, continuing as President throughout his second term. It’s not what many want to hear, but it’s what they need to hear.

The year 2020 has been chaotic for some, terrible for others, yet for us born-again, Spirit-filled Christians, it is a year of trials, tribulations, and favor. This is a year of resets. Major resets. Covid-19 hit our nation. This virus was manufactured in China, released to the United States under the Democratic Party’s watch (which is why Democratic governors were so quick to set up plans to rule their jurisdictions with an iron fist), and then the race riots, all leading up to this election.

Ronald Reagan was right when he said that if communism ever comes to the United States, it will come under the guise of “liberalism”. And, so it has. This is why the Democratic Party knows it can create chaos, release the chaos, and his forces the people to react to it in order for the Democrats to attempt to create solutions for it. This is when the people will accept authoritarian rule. This was all part of Saul Alinsky’s plan. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were mentored by him amd his philosophies, and believed in Alinsky tactics. These tactics allow for mass chaos to be created, and then to shift blame on the others. This is why they started saying things like “KKK loves GOP”, etc. This was a lie, and people buy it. President Trump has always supported African Americans and the black community, but when he became president, then all of a sudden he’s a ‘racist’? No, not so. He is no racist.

Covid-19 is no more than a distraction to what’s behind the scenes. In reality, the Democrats are taking us down a socialist road to test the obedience of the American people; to see how far we are able to listen and obey a socialist regime: “Wear your mask!” “Don’t attend church!” “Stand 6 feet apart!” “You can riot and protest, but heaven forbid gathering to worship and sing praises to God!” This is some of the nonsense that has been going on. Finally, people are starting to wake up.

Now, the virus is real, yes. But if all we are doing is watching the nightly news: KARE-11, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, the Today Show, The View, Ellen, etc., then you will simply believe what’s being fed to you by those mainstream media narratives. If you do so, you buy into the fear. Sure, the virus is real, but it’s not as devastating as people make it out to be. The death rate has been skewed. Also, I choose to live by faith, not by fear. This nation has been crippled with fear. Last I checked, God is still on the throne. Last I checked, He is still sovereign. Because of this, we’re fine. Heaven forbid having a birthday party and gathering with family and friends! Are we going to let the government continue to dictate the most intimate spots of our lives?

I drive on the highway, and when I see people alone in their vehicles wearing facemasks in their own cars, I think to myself, ‘Okay, this is the reason why we have instructions on the back of Pop Tart boxes.’ Seriously. We have gotten so crazy. It’s time to wake up.

In 2016, all of the polls projected Hillary Clinton would win the election. She didn’t. This year, all the polls say that Biden is up 6 points here, 10 points there, 13 points there, etc. No one ever says Trump is ahead. They say that 60 million people have already voted in the election and that clearly it will go to Biden. Not so. Matter of fact, Republican voters, especially Trump supporters, are not as vocal as Democrats, and don’t respond to polls. The silent majority has a way of showing up to the polls on election day. This is why the Amish and Mennonites came in strong for Trump in 2016, because they saw how the country was going to hell in a handbasket if Clinton would have won.

President Trump has the favor of the Lord upon him. He has been blessed because of standing up for the unborn, pro-life causes, and supporting the nation of Israel. He declared in a recent rally that the most famous person ever, rather than himself, is Jesus Christ, and that He should be glorified and get glory. This is the President of the United States glorifying God in public. Amazing! You see, God blesses this confession of faith. His reelection will cause a firestorm that will not go away for a long time. He will win by a larger majority than people may think. After he wins, there will eventually be attempts on his life, but they will not succeed.

The Supreme Court will overturn crazy and unbiblical laws that have been passed in previous years. President Trump will continue to support Israel and will becime filled with the Holy Spirit. He will go all out in his second term. He will unravel Obama’s legacy. People on the Left will be exposed and some will go to prison. We have another 5 years if reprieve from judgment. Around election time every election year, there is tremendous spiritual warfare, and us intercessors understand this. This is why we grieve and weep the most during this season of the year. A reason for this is because God’s holy angels are at war with the principalities and powers of the air, the fallen angels that have a stronghold grip over Washington. God will cause breakthroughs to come over the next few years.

President Trump will become God’s trumpet. So it has begun. Let it be so.

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