About Adam Dommeyer

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My name is Adam Dommeyer – Director and founder of Latter-Day Sense Ministry.

I have a passionate and unique love for reaching out to the Mormon people. After fully believing in Mormonism and being weeks away from joining the LDS Church, God saved me and He has called me to share the Gospel with the Mormon community.

I am pursuing my M.A. in Transformational Leadership program at Bethel Seminary (St. Paul, MN). I received my B.S. in Pastoral Ministry from Lee University (Cleveland, TN). I have interned at Vertical Life Church under Pastor Mark Dorn (Brooklyn Park, MN) and at South Cleveland Church of God under Pastor Chris Moody (Cleveland, TN). I have been mentored by International Evangelist Perry Stone at Voice of Evangelism Ministries/Omega Center International (Cleveland, TN). I am a member of Speak the Word Church International (Golden Valley, MN).

I have been called into the ministry as an evangelist, as I travel and preach/teach the Word of God in Minnesota, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and around the United States. I have a passion to speak on ‘latter-day’ issues in Christianity, such as: Bible prophecy in light of current events, overcoming temptation, oppression, depression, social issues, the effects of divorce from a child’s perspective, apologetics, truth, and conversations on faith.

I reside in Minneapolis with my wife, Hannah, and two daughters, Ingrid and Liesel.



4 thoughts on “About Adam Dommeyer

  1. Adam and his Ministry to the Mormon People is so rational and Biblical that Common Sense is just what it is. We are so very glad to know Adam and support his outreach to those who are… or are nearly Mormon as well as those who know someone who could use some Common Sense specific to the false teachings of Mormonism. Drive on Brother Adam, we will “Spotlight” your Ministry Saturday the 1st of August on “Mainstream Mormonism”.


  2. Saw you on Heart of the matter – your story is really touching my heart, we all remember the time when we were 14 and searching. Great reminder to all parents on how to teach and guide your teenagers in a loving way! I live in Norway and do not know any Mormons at all (their missionaries have done a terrible job since its so few of them here.. 😉 ), but I saw some documentaries, and then found Shawns show that I have a fun watching. (Does he have ties to Sweden I wonder, he used to have a Swedish flag back there at some point.. ) I hope your book sells well, wish you all the luck with family life and the baby. God bless! – Helen.


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