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  1. I’m reading through your website. It’s got lots of great info and i look forward to reading your book. We just moved back into the city (no missionaries in the rural area) before covid. My husband and I were excited at the possibility of sharing the gospel with missionaries again (before we inevitably get black listed again after several months of meeting with them) but then covid hit. I’ve been wondering what the missionaries were doing and recently discovered they’ve taken to local groups on facebook. They ask a fairly innocuous question like “what do y’all do for fun around here?” and respond politely and then message people with a scripture (from BOM) and their thoughts about it. It’s a very different approach and doesn’t offer the opportunity to actually befriend and get to know these missionaries as people. I’m wondering if you’ve heard about this and perhaps you have some tips for this brave new world. It would make for an interesting blog topic for sure.

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    1. Hi Kristin, thank you so kindly for your message and taking the time to reach out to me. Your message is incredibly encouraging. I am grateful that you and your husband have a passion to witness to LDS missionaries. You are right about them proselytizing on Facebook. I am part of a few different Evangelism groups on FB that have posts on Mormonism. If you and your husband would like to connect with me on FB, you’re more than welcome to! That’s interseting the missionaries lead with those questions; a lot of witnessing is done online nowadays, and I believe God is giving Christians some unique opportunities to take advantage of that. I do have some tips for that approach. I usually lead with my testimony, rather than trying to get into doctrinal debates. I will sometimes point them to one of my videos and ask them to engage with it. However, I can usually discern if someone is wanting to simply argue (then I won’t pursue that conversation) or is being sincere in asking a legitimate question–in that case, I will dialogue with them. The biggest tip is prayer and actively engaging the Lord in between times dialoging with a Mormon. Thanks again, and if you and your husband have any questions or want to connect, let me know. I hope you enjoy my book as well!


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