The following is a list of endorsements for my book, Almost a Mormon, which was published on May 6, 2018. You may purchase the book at the following link: Order Here!

“I am truly awestruck by Adam’s extensive research on LDS topics and his powerful weaving of that information into the narrative fabric of his compelling personal story. But mostly, I was moved by his authentic love of God. Adam is an erudite researcher, a skilled writer, and a bit of a tender soul with a shepherd’s heart for the dear LDS people. His approach to evangelizing is frank, yet kind. We in ministry to Mormons thank God for Adam’s sweet desire to teach Christians about LDS people and doctrine and his desire to share the gospel of grace with Mormons. The reader will truly glean many good ideas about how to talk with Mormons and come away with hope that God is still at His work.”

—Lynn K. Wilder, Ed.D.

Former Professor, Brigham Young University; Author of Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church (Zondervan), Co-author of 7 Reasons We Left Mormonism: Quick Guide to Doctrinal Differences between Mormonism and the Biblical Word of God (ATRI Publishing), and Co-author of Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds (Kregel); Minister, Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus;


Almost a Mormon is a touching, honest treatment of a young man’s journey. This book presents the differences between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity in a compelling ‘life-story’ setting.  Adam discusses a myriad of LDS topics often unknown to many Mormons, including: Heavenly Mother, becoming a God, burning-in-the-bosom, Joseph Smith’s magic, blood atonement, Kinderhook plates, King James English in the Book of Mormon, racism, men on the moon, and much more. These topics are fully footnoted for easy reference and investigation. Adam shares a poignant moment in chapter 18 when he hears a voice telling him:  “Joseph Smith is not My prophet. I never sent him.” In all, Adam’s never-failing love for Jesus led him through the ups and downs of investigating Mormonism into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.”

—E. Earl Erskine

Former Bishop, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Host, “The Ex-Mormon Files,”


“I’ve read lots of books on Mormonism, but never one quite like this. Though I heard long ago that it’s easier to inoculate against Mormonism than it is to do a ‘Mormonectomy’, Almost a Mormon effectively employs both research and first-person anecdotes to show what happened to a person who believed LDS doctrine wholeheartedly but was prevented from actually joining their church. This book is articulate, surprising, sometimes even unsettling; and the dream sequences especially will provoke discussion long after the reader has finished the book.”

—Latayne C. Scott, Ph.D.

Former Mormon, Author of multiple books on Mormonism, including The Mormon Mirage (Zondervan), Latter-day Cipher (Moody), and the newly-released Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their Minds (Kregel),


“While just about everyone will benefit from reading this book, it will be immensely relevant to Christian youth leaders as well as Christian youth. While many church youth groups these days are primarily social clubs, Adam’s story underscores the importance of teaching doctrine and Christian apologetics to our kids, who without such training often become easy prey for the devil. Paul told Timothy to not only watch his life carefully, but his doctrine as well (1 Tim. 4:16). A good Christian education not only teaches the dangers of drugs and fornication; it also warns of the dangers of religious drugs and sirens. Being told from a first-person perspective, Adam’s story is an accessible way to understand these dangers and how to effectively and lovingly communicate with those entrapped by them. There are so many good testimonies of Mormons leaving Mormonism and coming to Christ. However, Adam’s testimony is unique, since he was Almost a Mormon. I’ve heard other accounts from this perspective, but have yet to find them in print and with such vivid detail and raw transparency. He’s a great writer, and his work is well referenced—both of which demonstrate that he is very well read. His story motivates me even more to warn unsuspecting Christians as well as questioning Mormons. I was fascinated reading his whole story and know you will be too!”

—Rob Sivulka

President, Courageous Christians United; Co-author, Sharing the Good News with Mormons: Practical Strategies for Getting the Conversation Started (Harvest House),


“Rarely does one have the opportunity to read of a person’s spiritual journey and gain a tremendous amount of information about the organization they left all in the same book. Adam has created a very detailed presentation of events and personal spiritual passion, while at the same time placing it in a very readable format. He doesn’t write just from research, but rather from an experience-filled spiritual journey. While reading, you feel the author’s heart, desires, and struggles.”

—Jerald J. Daffe, D.Min.

Author of Crosses, Coffee, Couches, & Community: Modern Ministry in an Emerging Culture (2013), Clothing a Naked Church (2010), and Co-author of Speaking in Tongues: Initial Evidence of Spirit Baptism? (Pathway Press); Professor of Pastoral Studies, Lee University, Cleveland, TN


“As a Mormon convert of five years, now free of the LDS church, I was highly intrigued by Mr. Dommeyer’s story and approach. He has proven himself in this book to be incredibly well-studied (to the point that I, a former missionary, freelance scriptorian, and Temple worker, actually learned a thing or two!). I highly recommend this book for those Christians who would minister to those I left behind, as Adam’s approach is by far the most thoughtful I have seen and experienced. To any Latter-day Saints reading this work, I exhort you to really take this message to heart.”


LDS convert, former missionary, and Melchizedek Priesthood holder


“Adam Dommeyer’s book, Almost a Mormon, is a very insightful and thorough story giving the reader a clear understanding of the reasons why one must ‘test the spirits’, as Adam has done to come into a true relationship with Jesus. His detailed description of his life and the reasons many people fall prey into a belief with Mormonism is truthful and sincere. Praise Jesus that Adam continued to question and received answers from God by researching and trusting in dreams. You will be led into a deeper understanding on the truths and reasons why Mormonism is a counterfeit Gospel. This is a well done, thorough book giving the reader more truth and knowledge on the why’s and how’s of not joining the LDS Church. Bravo!”

—Dave Bartosiewicz

Host and Minister, “Have You Experienced Jesus?”


“Adam Dommeyer’s Almost a Mormon is a beautifully-crafted, artfully-written memoir of one young man’s journey into, through and out of the captivating magnificence and gleam of Mormonism. With stunning clarity and tender reflection, Dommeyer offers the truth to those who those who cannot see their way through the convincing tenets of the faith, while providing hope for those who have walked away and are seeking a new beginning. This book is a must read!”

—Laurel M. Bunker, M.A.

Dean of Campus Ministries, Campus Pastor, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN


“As a former member, high priest, and bishop in the Mormon Church for over three decades, I am unfortunately and agonizingly over-qualified to review the literary works of others, specific to the deception and emotional stress of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In the case of Almost a Mormon, I have found Mr. Dommeyer’s documentation to be excellent, his compassion to be authentic, and his presentation to be captivating. The compelling story of just how Adam came so dangerously close to becoming a member of one of the most destructive cults in the world is both fascinating and persuasive. I would consider this book to be one of the Top 10 for those who are considering how to either avoid or retrieve someone from Mormonism.”

—Lee B. Baker

Former Bishop, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Author of Mormonism—A Life Under False Pretenses: The True Story of a Mormon Bishop’s Journey of Discovery (2010) and Jailed for Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in America: The True Story of Mormon Corruption in Indiana (2016, CreateSpace); Multinational Radio Host, “Mainstream Mormonism, ”


“I was Adam’s senior pastor at South Cleveland Church of God while he completed his undergraduate studies at Lee University. This book is a must-read for all believers! It will give you tools and resources from a first-person perspective as it relates to Mormonism. This book is culturally relevant in today’s society, and is a great tool for anyone who witnesses to Mormons.”

—Chris Moody

Administrative Bishop, State of Mississippi, Church of God (Cleveland, TN)


“Adam Dommeyer’s Almost a Mormon offers keen insight into the craftiness and subtlety of the great deceiver, Satan. The enemy is well-equipped with very attractive counterfeits of the Truth. Satan is the father of lies, and for him, any lie will do. I believe Mormonism to be just another one of the lies used by Satan to deceive many. Adam’s story illustrates how attractive the counterfeit can be to those seeking truth. This book exposes the deception of Mormonism with both excellent documentation of the facts and a very compelling personal testimony. I recommend this book for anyone affected by, or wanting to learn more about Mormonism.”

—Brad White

Director and missionary, Christian Research & Counsel, Rochester, NY


“The power of truth can be greatly amplified when it comes in the form of a gripping story, with a beginning and an end. So it is with the Biblical story. And so it is with Adam’s story, Almost a Mormon. This is not another Christian book about Mormonism, though one will get more of that than in most such books. This book begins with a passionate search for truth which led a hurt young man to look for hope in a false promise, and ends with the formation of his ministry of compassion to those who have succumbed to that promise. If God is leading you on a quest for truth, this story will be a divine template and a must-read for how He accomplishes that.”

—Mike Graham, M.Div.

White Bear Campus Pastor, Calvary Church, White Bear Lake, MN


Almost a Mormon will take you on a very intimate journey, filled with spiritual desire and intellectual curiosity. Adam Dommeyer invites us to walk with him to the edge of Mormonism and back. This book is remarkable, for Dommeyer is not angry, but sympathetic—for he truly wanted to be a Mormon. But, as his ample documentation shows, his mind would not allow it. For all its allure, Dommeyer found that Mormonism isn’t true. Instead, he rediscovered Christ, whom he almost abandoned, is Truth. He writes an authentic, painful, piercing testimony. I highly recommend it.”

—David K. Clark, Ph.D.

Former Vice President and Dean of Bethel Seminary, Professor of Theology, Bethel Seminary, St. Paul, MN


“Many people write books founded on research. Adam Dommeyer has certainly done his research in his book, Almost a Mormon. But what separates this effort from other written works is the detail of transparency from Adam’s personal life experiences. He writes a book with many facts, to say the least. His book is full of historical details for both the Mormon Church and historical Christianity. He invites us into his coming-of-age struggle and his education at the hands of those difficulties in this well-written personal memoir. But Adam’s book is much more than just a personal story . . .  it is a story of truth that comes out of a fragmented life, interrupted dreams, and anticipated hopes for a better tomorrow. His initial hopes for a bright future were circumvented through a man-made organization. He finally established his pursuit for significance through a relationship with Christ. Join Adam on an engaging journey seeking impact in ministry. Reading this book, you will be confronted with the truth . . .  and the truth will set you free!”

—Jimmy Harper, D.Min.

Director of Campus Ministries, Campus Pastor, Assistant Professor of Youth & Family Ministry, Lee University, Cleveland, TN


“As a pastor and a missionary to Mormons myself, I had the privilege of working side-by-side with Adam at the Hill Cumorah Pageant outreach during the summer of 2016. I can attest to his passion and sincerity in reaching LDS Church members with the Biblical Gospel. I got to hear much of his testimony first-hand while on the streets of Palmyra, New York, as we handed out tracts to Mormons. I am sure you will be blessed as you read this compelling story of God’s grace in his life.”

—Tony Goddard

Senior Pastor, Christian Community Church, East Williamson, NY; Director of Outreach, Christian Research & Counsel


Almost a Mormon is a fascinating and readable spiritual travelogue that makes sense of one of contemporary culture’s most recognized religious alternatives. By both asking personal questions and providing answers to them, Adam offers his readers a reasonable apologetic to those asking questions surrounding the Mormon Church.”

—Bill Effler, D.Min.

Author of Out From the Shadows: Biblical Counseling Revealed in the Story of Creation (WestBow); Associate Professor of Pastoral Studies, Lee University, Cleveland, TN


“I met Adam Dommeyer during his sojourn in the southern U.S., which he describes in his book. I guess you could say he was almost a Southerner, for he dedicated a week of his life to our church’s Royal Family Kids Camp—a ministry to foster children which takes place on a rural campground in Alabama. Adam proved himself to be a focused, sharp, and dependable young man—qualities which come through in his writing. He has been gifted with a great eye and memory for detail, which is invaluable as he relates his testimony, which I pray will help many individuals not be lured into Mormonism.”

—Lance Colkmire, M.A.

Managing Editor of Publications, Pathway Press; Senior Editor, Evangelical Sunday School Lesson Commentary series; Director, local Royal Family Kids Camp; Missions Pastor, South Cleveland Church of God, Cleveland, TN