Is Latter-Day Sense Ministry “Anti-Mormon”?

I have received many questions concerning whether or not this ministry is “anti-Mormon.” No, we are not anti-Mormon. Define “anti-Mormon.” This pejorative term implies that because one comes against the LDS Church because of their doctrines, they are anti-Mormon. This is a widely accepted belief in Mormonism concerning non-members who disagree and promote teachings that disqualify LDS doctrine as biblical. This is a very politically correct term. Latter-Day Sense Ministry, like many other mainstream evangelistic Christian ministries, is not anti-Mormon, but rather, anti-Mormonism as far as the LDS doctrines that defy sound biblical teachings are concerned. Latter-Day Sense is pro-Mormon in the sense that we seek to affirm the Christ-like attributes of the LDS Church while simultaneously standing firm in the Bible as to show Mormons the many errors within Mormon doctrines and the several heretical teachings brought forth by its founder, Joseph Smith.

Are you doing this to make money?

No. This is another common misconception that Latter-day Saints have about this ministry. Often times, Mormons tend to pride themselves in their own organization, saying that LDS ministers are not paid and Christians are. Prior to the 1990 LDS temple ceremony changes, a Christian minister was depicted as being a hireling of Satan in the secret LDS temple ceremonies. Mormons tend to ask me, “Who is paying you to do this?” Or, “You are greedy and are in this for the money!” That is simply not true. The gospel does have a price, but it is a price that Jesus Christ paid on the cross! I am a ‘tentmaker’ in a sense, and when I give my time to the Lord, I am allowing Him to use me! I am in this because I love people, and Christ does too! Let’s fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus laid before His followers in Matthew 28!