Upcoming Events

September 2017

September 15–Preaching, “Sleeping in an Open Window,” Why God? series. Bethel University Chapel in Benson Great Hall auditorium, 10:15 am (CST). (For details, visit here. To watch this chapel service on Vimeo, visit here.)


November 2017

November 8–Preaching, “Truth and Doubt.” Centennial Evangelical Free Church, Forest Lake, MN


December 2017

December 15–Burlington, Wisconsin

December 16–Valley City, Illinois

Kinderhook, Illinois

Carthage, Illinois

Nauvoo, Illinois

December 17–Miami, Missouri

Independence, Missouri

December 18–Independence, Missouri

Liberty, Missouri

Gallatin, Missouri

Lamoni, Iowa

Winter Quarters, Nebraska


January 2018

TBD–Opening Prayer, Prayer Burn event, Hosted by Bethel Student Government. Located in The Underground in Brushaber Commons, Bethel University. (For details, here.)