Upcoming Events


September 15   Preaching, “Sleeping in an Open Window,” Why God? series. Bethel University Chapel in Benson Great Hall auditorium, 10:15 am (CST).

November 8   Preaching, “Truth and Doubt.” The Edge Youth Ministry, Centennial Evangelical Free Church, Forest Lake, MN

November 15   Devotional, “CAPS/SEM/GS Departmental Meeting”, Bethel University, Anderson Center, 10:00 AM

December 16 – 17  Missionary Trip, Nauvoo, IL

December 18  Missionary Trip, Burlington (Voree), WI


January 23   Opening Prayer, Prayer Burn event, Hosted by Bethel Student Government. Located in The Underground in Brushaber Commons, Bethel University.

April 12    Evangelism @ Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

April 13    Evangelism @ Jordan River Temple Re-dedication Open House, South Jordan, UT

April 14   Interview on “Meet the Ex-Mormons” with Rob Sivulka, President of Courageous Christians United. Sandy, UT

April 15   10:45 A.M. service, Preaching, “Mormonism and Feelings,” The Narrows Church, St. George, UT

June 14-16 Outreach at Manti Pageant, Manti, UT

June 17-18 Outreach at Temple Square, Salt Lake City, UT

June 19-23 Outreach at Manti Pageant, Manti, UT