My name is Adam Dommeyer. I am the President of Latter-Day Sense Evangelism Ministry. The mission of this ministry is to "Reach the World with Biblical, Latter-day Common Sense." I have a passion to reach out to Mormons and share the true gospel of grace with them.

Wondering who we are? Good question! Find out more information below: WHEN: Latter-Day Sense Evangelism Ministry (LDSEM) was founded in the Spring of 2014 as a personal ministry of Adam Dommeyer. Four years later, in April 2018, LDSEM has re-branded itself and is preparing for growth! The visitors and views to have seen steady [...]

(Photo by Marko Blazevic on Pay attention to the trends in today's 'cool-of-the-culture' Christianity. When messages are all about being relevant to the culture and reaching out to them, what exactly are we reaching out to them with? Tolerance? Tolerance of what exactly? If we are drawing people in for the sake of drawing them in [...]