The Intolerant ‘Tolerance’ and Racism of the Democratic Party

(Photo credit: Proponents of the Democratic Party in the United States say that they are progressive. The term ‘liberal’ can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and the term is pretty outdated now, which is why the term progressive has taken the helm. Democrats pride themselves in being “tolerant”. Tolerant about other… Read More

Leave and Cleave: God’s Design for Healthy Boundaries in Marriage

(Photo credit: In order to see what God’s intent for marriage is, we look at the Bible: pure and simple. Genesis, Jesus’s teachings, and the writings of the Apostle Paul give a fantastic glimpse into this. In pre-marital counseling, certain topics are often discussed, such as: his needs/her needs, expectations about frequency of physical… Read More

“Mormonism: Another Christian Denomination?” Video

This video is the Apologetics Event at Bethel Seminary that features the following speakers: Rev. Adam Dommeyer (Founder of Latter-Day Sense Evangelism Ministry) Dr. John Anthony Dunne (Assistant Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary) Rev. Laurel Bunker (Associate VP, Office of Christian Formation and Church Relations, Bethel University) Dr. David Clark (Professor of Theology, Bethel… Read More